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Grihakon is a fabulous wallpaper designers in Kolkata creating wonderful works of art for our walls. It’s incredibly hard for you not to avoid the new wallpaper trends that are out there. With this in mind and the possibility that you may want to create some wonderful memories of your own through the wonder of wallpaper and it’s placed within your homes, even for your office decoration, you will find a variety from us. Grihakon offering you best wallpaper price in Kolkata.

Decorating your walls can really make a difference in your homes.  Determining the look and feel through the style, color, and pattern you choose with the help of our experienced team of designers. 

Non-Woven wallpaper is a very popular choice when it comes to decorating your walls.  It has the added advantage over some wallpapers as it’s breathable which eliminates problems of mildew and mold. It makes a great alternative choice for bathrooms and kitchens which is also washable. Easy to apply non-woven wallpapers have a “paste the wall” technology which basically means the backing paper doesn’t expand when it gets wet. Decorating time is halved as you don’t need to soak the paper you just paste the walls directly. Best of all when it comes to redecorating they are easy to remove as they come off in one piece. It’s made from synthetic and natural fibers which makes it tear-resistant.

Vinyl wallpaper is perfect for decorating your bathroom and kitchen. It is composed of a paper layer with a printed vinyl film on top. It’s water and vapor resistant and easily cleaned. It offers a great alternative to tiling and is cheaper.

If you are thinking about Wallpaper Kolkata  then our team of experts is always available to help you choose the right wallpaper for your house or office through Grihakon.