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Inside design is the planning of the interior decorator and furnishings of homes, businesses, and other structures. a person who works exclusively on painting and wallpapering homes.

Grihakon is the well popular interior decorator in Kolkata.  Grihakon interior decorator may be a heady redolent service provider of the best interior decorator in Kolkata. Having a professionally designed space are some things better about what money can purchase and also it’s a sense of due to those memories which are priceless. We believe your lebensraum plays an important role in varying moods and purposes. 

By interior decor, we mean that according to the space of my room, my room furniture, colors, flooring, ceiling, electrical lighting will be distributed in such a way that there is a harmony between everything.

Mind-Blowing Interior Decoration

Grihakon Interior caters to mind-blowing design ideas and a perfect space planning that completely soothes our client’s caprice and blend with the fashionable interior designs. Grihakon Interior designer in Kolkata provides you with a good range of interior designing services including flats, buildings, apartments, bungalows, showrooms, offices, clubs and restaurants, and far more. Get ensured with the simplest of over luxury that transcends the standard to fashionable your residential or corporate space.

Cost Of The Interior Decoration In Kolkata

In Kolkata, the cost of interior decorators for a two-bedroom house might range from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh. You must pay Rs.2500 for Furniture, Rs. 140 per square foot for a false ceiling, Rs.180 per sq feet for fittings and lights. For colour Rs.35 per sq feet, For flooring Rs.200 per sq feet etc. bedroom furnishings, you must spend between 35,000 and 40,000 rupees.

How is the cost of the interior determined?

According to industry standards, you should plan to spend at least 10% of your property’s cost on interior design for a two-bedroom home. Therefore, the cost of interior design for your home will increase in direct proportion to the price per square foot of your two bedrooms.

We think that the interior decor of your home should reflect who you are, which is why we employ interior designers to create rooms that are ideal for your requirements. At Grihakon Interior designer, we concentrate on designing the ideal layout and floor plans for your home’s interior before executing complex 3d designs. We then ask our talented teams to carry out the designs on schedule. We achieve the ideal balance between the design of your bedroom and that of your living room, dining room, and bathrooms. We are aware that you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so we have the ideal options for both modular and custom kitchens.

From Flooring to Ceiling Interior Decoration

We undertake all projects from flooring to ceiling and from customized walls to personalized furniture and wardrobe. Grihakon Interior designer offers full turnkey solutions and renovation with best in school design and quality and at a reasonable price.

Here at the best Luxury Interiors, you’ll Find Best Price For All Interior Accessories, Because we’ve Superior Craftsmanship And Our Professional Designers Are Expertise In Choosing Best Material at the best Price. we’ve Partnered With Several Interior Accessories Brand Which Makes the general Budget Even Low.

As our Client Satisfaction has always been our topmost priority forever. Therefore we offer Them with many designs to settle on from like Modern, Urban, Contemporary, Rustic,  Mismilistic Etc.

Quality Interior decorator

We believe that quality and perfection only comes with proficiency and knowledge and that we Are glad that we’ve supreme talented and highly professional Interior Decorator in Kolkata who can read your mind and transform your dream into a true Home. 

We always recognize for doing It quite expectation, due to our Innovative and artistic Team.
It’s tough, once you believe renovation or once you plan for the makeover of your space, but it all starts with thoughts, and that we are happy to serve your thoughts and help you in taking decision. Therefore we offer you a free consultation and also a free quote for your home.