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Grihakon interior designer – Privacy Policy
Grihakon interior designer stands fully committed to ensuring that your data is fully protected and not leaked to any other third parties. The points are given below, which fully explains as to how Grihakon interior designer uses your data:

When you are placing your enquiry on our website, or avail any kind of services from us, you may be asked to enter your name, e-mail, phone no, text etc. Grihakon interior designer reserves the right to send you promotional e-mails regarding various kinds of seasonal offers etc. which you can ignore if you wish.
Some third-party tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel code etc. is present on our website, which uses cookies to track your browsing activities.
We have various security systems associated with our website, which ensures that your data stays fully protected. However, you should understand that no data on the internet is 100% secure, as hackers always try to hack some specialized websites.
Grihakon interior designer uses your data to collect information about you, including using them on invoices and documents for you. In case any information is changed, you should inform us before availing any kind of service so that our database stay updated.
In case any policy mentioned here changes, we will update them immediately so that all of our clients can see them before availing any kind of services.
Grihakon interior designer – Terms of Service
The website terms of service denote the rules and regulations for the use of Grihakon interior designer website, By using our website and availing our services, you agree to our service terms and their updates which will be provided here from time to time.

Copyright Information:
The information and the contents of this website are solely the property of Grihakon interior designer. You cannot use any kind of information from here and re-publish them anywhere for your use.

Different Service Terms:
Payment Terms: 60% advance payment should be made before starting any kind of works, 30% during the work on process and the rest should be paid fully when 95% of the work is completed. In case the payment terms are not followed, we reserve the right to hold your works and abandon the same if required.
Conducting Terms: You should not misconduct with any of our employees who are performing your works. In case our employees find that any kind of misconduct, both verbally and physical is done to them, your work can be temporarily suspended.

Project Time Frame:
We at Grihakon interior designer, try our best to finish off your work in time or sometime before the predicted time. However, in some cases, we may require some extra time to provide you with quality work, and by availing our services, you agree to provide us with that time.

Feedback Request
Grihakon interior designer always ask for some feedback from their clients, both verbally and in written form on Google, Facebook etc. We request you to provide us with the same so that we can improve our services and serve others better.