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Best uPVC windows and Doors in Kolkata

Grihakon Interior designer are the one of the biggest supplier of uPVC windows and doors in Kolkata.  We provide uPVC windows and doors according to the style and dimensions of your home and office.

upvc sliding windows price in kolkata
upvc sliding windows price in kolkata

We are the largest supplier and an interior designer with many days experience in uPVC windows and doors in Kolkata. We are the business associates of Winprad  infracon private limited , who are the biggest  uPVC doors and windows manufacturer company in Kolkata. , they are our business partners and their uPVC windows and doors are really good quality. Before advice our customer about uPVC windows for home or office at first glance we check by our experience which uPVC window is suitable and durable for your home. After seeing this, we give you proper suggestion. Here Toughen glass is used and its glass is easily cleaned.


upvc windows price list
upvc windows price list

Casement uPVC windows and Doors are the most adapted windows and Door systems in the modern system. The openable panel moves at angular spinning path through hinges fixed on the tie, therefore creating maximum opening to move through the same.


Benefits of uPVC windows and doors

uPVC doors and windows are very Ease of operation

It has a Minimal maintenance cost

It is very easy to increased movement space

It can give you High security

uPVC windows and doors are openable for air circulation

It is Sturdy even to strong winds and heavy rain

uPVC windows and doors has a longer life

uPVCwindows and doors can Keeps out pollution and dust

uPVC doors and windows Available in different hardware, finishes, and designs

It has a unique Multipoint Locking to ensure absolute safety and no gaps

Rain Dam Technology

No seepage of Rainwater inside your room, indeed in heavy rain. Our special Rain Dam Technology ensures clean and safe interior balance with customizable mileage.

upvc windows near me
upvc windows near me

Integrated Bugmesh

The window comes organised with a natural Bugmesh within the inbuilt system. It is very easy to operate and sustain – these systems are presented in Slider uPVC Windows and Doors only.

upvc windows price in kolkata
upvc windows price in kolkata

Retrofit Bugmesh

These Bugmesh are mainly available in 2 Types, one is Pleated Mesh (Single Sash and Double Sash) and another is Pull down Bugmesh and it can be installed on any upvc Window including .

upvc windows price
upvc windows price

Sliding Windows

In the case of uPVC windows, the windows are placed a little behind the sliding so that it prevents dust and this window can be easily opened and closed.

Top Hung Windows

Top hung  uPVC windows look like traditional cassette windows, with one big difference. Pivot of casement window on hinges mounted on the side, pivot of awning window on hinges mounted on top. It can be used individually or in conjunction with other windows. These are especially effective for ventilation. They are well-placed within the wall, providing natural light and ventilation, without compromise. High placement also allows for maximum wall space for design aspects such as industry and cabinetwork placement. They allow about 100 present potential ventilation, without the problem of water stagnation in the house.

Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows

Tilt and turn windows combine versatility with a smart, simple style, ideal for a modern home.You can simply turn the windows by turning the handle of the tilt and opening it slightly upwards for safe ventilation. The handle is fastened again and the window hangs on its side hinges for easy cleaning.

Best uPVC windows and Doors suppliers in Kolkata

Grihakon Interior Designer in Kolkata supplies the most reliable and quality based uPVC windows and doors, we aim to serve you with the best possible choice of uPVC doors and windows. We provide high quality uPVC windows and doors according to your home and business place in mind.

Our experienced team is well aware of the trends and preferences of the uPVC windows and doors in Kolkata. They guide the customers to choose the best from our products according to the specific quality and your budget for their suitability and usefulness.

Compared to the old-fashioned wooden framed windows and doors, uPVC windows and doors are much more useful and long lasting. With uPVC windows and doors, finishing becomes easier and maintenance becomes easier. These are not only durable and long lasting but also a perfect blend of class and elegance. We aim to help our clients create peaceful accommodation.

Winprad Infraction Pvt. Ltd. Is very well-known for uPVC Windows and Doors manufacture in Kolkata, It is one of the most trusted brands in the India. Winprad has a large manufacturing units of uPVC window, doors, aluminium channels in Kolkata.  It is one of the leading uPVC window providers in the country.