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Home painting services in kolkata

Best Home Painting Service in Kolkata 2023

Grihakon provides  Home painting service in Kolkata, which is an essential part of your home or office. Choosing the right color for the walls of your home  is essential to us. We always  give proper guideline for wall painting at your home or office with a reasonable price. And the easiest way to pick the best paint colors is to start with our simple color catalog. Check out our extensive range of splendid colors, and the conventional color schemes won’t bind you for a scrupulous decorating style. 

Our home paint visualizer provides you a breathtaking way to create inspiration boards for your much-loved ideas. We help you to create your memories on your walls. We are working for a long time in the field of home Painting , Wall art and designer wall .  Group of experienced  home painters  are working in our company and with the help of their effort ,you could get a lovely interior  designer wall at your home and office. Home painting service in Kolkata provides best service with proper well trained workers.


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Home painting services in kolkata

Home Painting Service in Kolkata

Home Painting services provides the ultimate innovative solutions that upgrade the entire experience of interior painting for clients. Grihakon provides  you Interior & Exterior painters with lot of knowledge of wall painting service. When you thinking about your new flat decoration or old home renovation , we are there to support you with our best home painting service in Kolkata. Grihakon is the most trustworthy Professional home painting service in Kolkata.

We are committed to deliver satisfying home painting service in Kolkata by offering expert from Kolkata consult you on colors, materials, tools, and budgets to meet the desired results. Our company is a smart choice of reputable customers from various cities, whose interests in interior home painting service in Kolkata make us more competitive. We have a team of professional painters to perform perfect home interior painting services. We apply the best available home paint procedures than traditional painting to match client painting needs.

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Choosing Proper Colour at your home /work place

Have you ever thought which paint colors would be highly productive for a specific room? If you are planning home interior & Exterior painting then the difficult task is the selection of best paint for rooms. The color of the house represents your room personality which positively affects your mood and thoughts. Explore our suggested wall painting design with interior paint colors and painting design ideas to meet your painting requirements and choose the best paint that creates a confident atmosphere around you for higher creativity. Many people select idle paint for the creation of a bold look for their interior walls. Most often people use the different combinations along with with a bright shade from several available colors palette in the market.  There are numbers of colors which are categorized on the basis of different finishes as follows:

Matte Paint stress-free to apply and, at times, it takes more than a single coat to produce a decent and stunning finish.

Satin or semi-gloss is a paint that is somewhere in between matte and gloss paint. This makes it perfect for spaces where you have to clean the walls on a regular basis.

The gloss paint displays all the damages on a wall and attaining a smooth coverage will often require more than a single coat.

When the question arise your mind that who is the best wall painters near me ,then only think about our best quality home painting services and call us to assist you with our valuable guideline about home painting services. 


Wall Art / Artistic Designer wall art 

We have a special team with several  well-known artist who can make hand painting drawing/ wall art on your wall with the artistic angle.  You can choose any design or any personalize picture for your wall with a beautiful look.  If you want to canvas your mood on your wall then we are the only choice for the same.

Wall Painting Cost / Wall Painting price in Kolkata

Wall painting price depends upon your design and the types of work schedule.  When you are using standard colour without using wall putty then the cost per squre feet will be from @Rs.20 to Rs.25/- 

When the wall painting done along with wall putty and premium colour wall painting then cost can be @Rs.35 to 50 per squre feet .