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Flooring Design

Flooring Design Ideas is a crutial part of Interior Decoration. The floors in your house or office take a lot of abuse. Dirty shoes pile up in the entryway and even chair legs scrape across your dining room daily. So, if you’re considering new flooring interior decoration, you’ll need to think about how you use each room before you make any decisions. You have to do different floors for different rooms.

Grihakon Interior Designer and Decoration is the best solution for any types of flooring design ideas. For the best results when decorating, you’ll likely need to find a theme for your tastes. After all, you might love purple, green and yellow, but if you choose all three of these colors for the walls, this might not create the most aesthetically pleasing appearance. This is because two essential principles of any design or décor work are the ideas of matching and coordinating. While these two ideas are similar, they’re both separate principles, and they work together to help guide you towards a home that’s unique and expressive of your personality without looking like a garish color explosion.

Grihakon understand that it can be hard to look at a flooring sample in a store and picture how it would look in your home. That’s why we bring our samples to you so that you can look at them under your lighting and compare how well they match or coordinate with your existing floors. Not only this, but our trained floor experts are also more than willing to walk you through things like installation processes, do’s and don’ts and any other questions that might be on your mind during the shopping process.

Type of Flooring

No one type of flooring is ideal for each room. For example, hardwood is always popular because of its warm, traditional look, but it doesn’t preserve up nicely to moisture or difficult treatment. Here’s a take a look at the pros, cons, and costs of several popular types of flooring, in addition to some ideas about where they could work best. Grihakon provides you best ideas during home Interior decoration.

Marble Flooring

Marble is a hard stone, and when well finished may be transformed into beautiful floors. Marble flooring is one of the most expensive and complicated floorings to install in a domestic and adds a whole new detail of class. Different kinds of marble will bring different seems to a bedroom, hallway, bathroom, or any room where it is present – and there are lots of distinct kinds of marble in almost every shade imaginable. With colors in black, brown, green, red, white and even pink, there’s absolute confidence owners can find the right marble for their domestic.

Granite Flooring

Granite is one of the popular flooring materials in the current time with its beauty, granite has several benefits to homeowners. Granite is also used as countertops and backsplashes. Granite gives an awsome look of richness and its beauty surpasses the maximum of the other floors’ materials. Granite is quite luxurious and heavy, so need to be hooked up with the aid of professional. 

Ceramic tile
Ceramic tile is made from an aggregate of clay and shale that’s fired in a kiln like pottery. It’s a hard fabric that comes in a massive variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. Tile comes in many colors and shapes, so it can in shape in with any style of home.

Solid Wood

Solid timber has been one of the most popular forms of floors. wood floors typically priceless and involve less work. People love solid timber flooring as it looks fantastic in any fashion of home with any decor.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is constructed much like engineered timber, with a thin veneer over layers of plywood or compressed fiber. However, the pinnacle layer isn’t always wooden but a photograph beneath a clean plastic coating. That manner laminate can seem like wooden, stone, tile, or pretty much every other material.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is sort of resilient flooring, a flexible material that feels a bit softer underfoot than rigid wood or tile. It’s crafted from a layer of PVC (brief for polyvinyl chloride) plastic over a layer of felt.