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False ceiling design Interior

A False ceiling design interior is the second layer of roof suspended from the main roof with the help of a metal or wooden frame. It is also known as a dropped ceiling. It has multiple advantages. It improves the aesthetics of the room. False ceiling design keeps the room cool during summer and warm in winter. It is also provided to conceal the ugly mesh of electrical wires, light fixtures, air-conditioning ducts, etc.

False ceiling materials 

Any false ceiling is hung or fixed in a particular framework made of Aluminum or GI sections or wooden batten fixed with the main ceiling. It  is fixed 8 inches from the main ceiling. False ceiling is made from various materials like Plaster of Paris, Gypsum board, Plywood, PVC sheets. The choice of material depends upon the use and design of the false ceiling our clients want.  From our teams of professionals, you will get the perfect False ceiling decoration and design which you want to flaunt to your dream home. Grihakon Interior designer offer different designs and ideas that are waiting to be set on to your house.

Benefits of False Ceiling Design

It offers an insulating effect because of air trapped between the present ceiling and the false ceiling. It eases out the weight on AC’s. Thus, false ceilings can be stated to be strength efficient and it assists in reducing the electric bills

Any residential building or any commercial office building is incomplete without a proper roof. A roof is the topmost and an important a part of the constructing offering safety from the elements along with wind, excessive or low temperatures, sunlight, snow and rain. Besides providing safety, the lowest of the roof serves as a place wherein occupants of a constructing can show off their aesthetic feel through creating attractive false ceilings the use of ornamental ceiling panels which can please the eye.

A well-planned fake ceiling offers both useful and aesthetic features that could decorate the working surroundings manifold.


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Types of False ceiling

It can be classified primarily based on the type of materials used. Each material gives unique blessings and disadvantages. An aggregate of substances can offer both purposeful and aesthetic features.

Wooden false ceilings
Fibre false ceilings design
PVC made false ceilings design
Fabric-based or synthetic leather-based false ceilings
Metal made false ceilings
Glass made false ceilings
POP false ceiling