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Best Modular Kitchen in Kolkata

Want to remodel or renovate your kitchen in a modernized way? Choose the best modular kitchen in Kolkata and transform your kitchen into a stylish one. 

Modular kitchen is new innovative step over the traditional kitchen, which makes the everyday kitchen tasks easy with its functionality and durability. Rely on Grihakon Interior Designer! We are the best modular kitchen manufacturer in Kolkata that focuses mainly on convenience, space utilization, and utility value.  Kitchen’s cabinet sets come in different styles and sizes depending on varied customer’s requirements. They come together as baskets, cabinets, ovens, chimneys, sliding doors, corner units and much more. Get best cost for modular kitchen in Kolkata with price exclusively from Grihakon.

Our experts does the complete planning and designing processes as per your requirement from the initial stage.  To install the modular kitchen of your choice for your home, get some ideas by clicking on Photos and Videos .modular kitchen price in kolkata

We Design the Best Modular Kitchens in Kolkata

At Grihakon Interior Designer, you get a range of best modular kitchen in Kolkata that is being quality tested. Our design refers to trendy kitchen furnishings that has been built in modules or devices. These include shelves with decided on factors of trendy sizes. It is mostly a mixture of wall devices and base devices. 

It is a present day idea of kitchen which incorporates of drawers, shelves and cabinets prepared in a way that saves up on a whole lot of space. These kitchens are cutting-edge and handy in phrases of organizing restricted areas, in particular withinside the apartment-fashion dwelling areas of crowded cities.

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Modular Kitchen Designers

Grihakon is the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata. We provide end-to-end designs that are fully customized. With the help of our best experienced carpenter, we provide quality services according to our customer’s choice. As per customers requirements, we arrange small and large size designs. The cabinets are usually made by plywood and sunmica and are also made by PVC. 

Modular Kitchen Price in Kolkata

The modular kitchen cost depends of the size of the kitchen , quality of the plywood board and the other material. We calculate its cost on the basis of  above factors . Generally, all Interior designers calculate modular kitchen cost sqaure feet wise.  In India, the basic Modular kitchen price starts from Rs.50000 to 1000000 .

 Kitchen’s square feet  cost starts from @ Rs.1600 (per sqaure feet) and go’s upto @ Rs.5000 per sqaure feet .


Modular Kitchen Cabinets 

We provide a range of best modular kitchen in Kolkata as per the requirements of our customers. It consist of Lower cabinets like Stainless steel baskets to keep thali and dish items; Middle baskets to keep small dish , glass, platter; Upper basket for spoon, a short stump etc. Another Lower cabinet like drawer to keep small and big utensils. We cover the basin by cabinets and keep regular utility items over the cabin rack or cabin shelves. 

Upper cabinets are used for multi purposes . Anyone can keep Bottle and container in the upper cabinets . Big container are kept in upper cabinet to keep monthly ration like rice, dal, maida , Oil etc. Other than regular use items we can keep unused items too.

Modular Kitchen Designers in Kolkata and Its Surrounding Areas

We are one of the largest modular kitchen manufacturers and designers in Kolkata. Our every projects are consists of minimum one Modular kitchen. We are undoubtedly one of the best designers in Newtown Rajarhat area. We provide modular kitchen designs in Saltlake, Baranagar, Dunlop, Sinthimore area. Our modular kitchen price is very reasonable and we manufacture designs as per our customer’s choice and requirements.

Types of Modular Kitchens Available With Us

There are many types of modular kitchens available in the market as per your unique and individual requirements. Some of the best modular kitchen designs are described here for your reference.

  1. PVC Design – Made by PVC board and ply combination
  2. Aluminium Design- Made by Aluminium sheet and other metals
  3. Wooden Design- Made by wood like shagon teek
  4. Acrylic Desgin- Made by Waterproof ply boar and acrylic lamination
  5. U Shaped Modular Kitchen
  6. L Shaped Modular Kitchen